The Hunt Country

It is the fox-hunter’s privilege to know a hunt country’s vistas and its villages.  Blackthorn & Brook holidays are set in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – we are privileged to know it intimately and proud to share its magic.

Ben lives in Somerset’s Arthurian country, where the site of Camelot in Cadbury slopes down into the Somerset levels. Megan’s family farm sits in the rich grass country between the notable cities of Bath and Wells.

Our local packs range over a wide variety of unspoilt hunt country. Our immediate environs are characterised by wide vales with lots of hedges and super grassland. Another favourite is the New Forest which is an open, uninterrupted moorland with stands of oak and holly.

A Blackthorn & Brook holiday steeps you in our exquisite surroundings; there is no better way to open up an historic countryside than following a pack of hounds.

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