Frequently Asked Questions

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There are lots of adventures for days out of the saddle and those who don't ride
Let us take care of cleaning your hunting kit
Every rider is matched carefully with the right horse
We arrange all airport transfers and travel once in the UK
Regardless of your experience a superb day's hunting awaits you
Hunting is a social sport - we make sure you meet lots of people during your stay

Frequent queries from our guests


1. I'm worried about riding the right horse - how do you match clients with their mount for the day?

We understand that the safety and enjoyment of a day following hounds is dependent on riding the right horse for your ability. Not only do we know each individual horse that we match to our guests, but we have access to a range of experienced hunters to ensure horse and rider are well suited. We will ask you plenty of questions to ensure you are neither over nor under-horsed.

2. Are there opportunities to ride before we go hunting?

Of course. We think it’s very important that you feel comfortable in the saddle before you get out hunting. We offer a number of scenic rides before the first meet to give you a chance to settle in.

3. I've heard hunting in England is more challenging than what I might be used to, do you have to be an excellent rider to be able to come hunting with Blackthorn & Brook?

Not at all. Whilst hunting in England can be fast and furious, Megan knows the countryside intimately. Also, because we are used to hunting with young or inexperienced horses, we are accustomed to keeping up with hounds while avoiding big challenges. After all, there is more to hunting than jumping. We can introduce you to other subscribers, admire the countryside and watch hounds work. It is quite possible to not jump at all if that is what you would prefer. Nonetheless, for the experienced rider, there is nothing better than a big Blackmore Vale hedge to get the adrenaline flowing – we will have you right behind the master if that is what you’d like!

4. Can I bring a non-hunting spouse or my family?

Absolutely. There are many attractions in the area other than fox-hunting. Regardless of whether a non-hunting guest would like to experience a traditional English meet with port and sausage rolls, or not see a single hound for ten days, we have a great number of tried and tested holiday pastimes away from horse and hound. See our ‘out of the saddle’ page for some ideas.

5. We'd also like to do some other non-hunting activities whilst we're in the UK - can Blackthorn & Brook organise that?

Certainly. We understand that it is nice to have a break from the saddle, and with a lifetime’s knowledge of the area, we can arrange you anything from tickets to the Theatre Royal in the historic city of Bath, a weekend in London, or advise on the best shopping, architectural and cultural hotspots to help you to make the most of your stay. See our ‘out of the saddle’ page for some ideas.

6. Can I get my hunting kit cleaned?

Absolutely, you’re on holiday! Let us polish your boots, brush your coat and fill your flask.

7. How do I get from the airport?

We understand how stressful airport transfers can be, and will be happy to come and collect you in person and deliver you to your accommodation, dropping you back to the airport at the end of your stay.

8. Will I get to the meet on time!? Will I have trouble navigating?

Leave it to us – we understand that knowing where the meet is, where to park and how to get there is stressful enough at home, let alone in a foreign country! We know the twisting network of Dorset and Somerset lanes like the back of our hands: let us pick you up from the breakfast table and drive you to the meet in good time to gather your horse and get settled.

9. Will I have some company in the hunting field?

Yes, you certainly will. Part of the pleasure of hunting is meeting the diverse characters that make up the rich social fabric of the hunting field. Not only will Megan personally escort you, but we will introduce you to the farmers, landowners, london-dwellers, children and all the other personalities that make up the field.

10. Isn't hunting with dogs illegal in the UK?

Find out about the 2004 legislation on foxhunting here.