Foxhunting in the UK

With the 2004 foxhunting ban in force, we get lots of questions about how we manage to run vacations organised around a prohibited sport.

We’ve added this summary to our site to give insight into the reality of foxhunting today in England. For more depth there are some frequently asked questions and a longer piece for our blog too. In short:

  • The ban has not stopped hunting
  • Nearly all of Britain’s 300 odd packs continue to hunt albeit within the law
  • A day in the field is just as exciting and rewarding for followers
  • Subscriptions are up for most hunts since 2004
  • Hunting has become more welcoming to visitors, newcomers and children
  • There are not the same troubles with antis as before 2004

Act Facts

  • The 2004 Hunting Act outlaws the hunting of live mammals with dogs.
  • So far five cases have been brought to court via private prosecution.
  • Two of these cases have been acquitted at appeal.
  • The successful prosecutions have been against hunt officials from the Fernie Hunt (2011), Crawley & Horsham Hunt (2012) and the Heythrop Hunt (2012)