hedge jumpingsummer horse ride horse riding in Cerne AbbasMaking friends
Margaret at Stourhead with Megan
Philip jumping his first hedge!
Virginia out on a summer ride with Blackthorn & Brook
A Mother and Daughter horse ride in Cerne Abbas
Mr & Mrs Luck ready for lunch!
The gang from California toasting sunshine!
Deb & Marti ready to ride in Dorset
Margaret making friends in the field
Mr Mitchell at the meet with the Portman

Testimonials from some happy Blackthorn & Brook customers!

“Thank you for making my childhood dreams come true… The hunting was fantastic! I can’t wait to come back!”

Fiona King, Nashville, TN, February 2019

“The horses were absolutely perfect and you went above and beyond in making sure everything was spot on in every way.  I had a wonderful time hunting and sight seeing.  You got us entry into places the average traveller would not get to see.”

Dana Burke, Nashville, TN, February 2019

“Thank you so much for an amazing adventure – you are quite the host!”

Stacie Eggenton, Monkton MD, November 2017

“Our horses and the hunts we visited will never leave my mind. This trip was on my bucket list and you made a dream come true”.

Bill Haggard MFH, Nashville, TN, January 2017

“I didn’t know what to expect on my maiden bunting trip in the UK and you made everything go perfectly!”

Karen Murphy, Badminton, NY, January 2016

“You made a believer out of this prissy-fussy American! Everything was perfect, from the wonderful B&Bs, your mother’s scones, the pubs, and of course, you. You are perfect! (…) I am going home with mucho bragging rights!

Jennifer Koning, Marshall TX, November 2015

“Ruby was the most wonderful horse and took good care of me.  Every detail was taken care of in the most perfect way.. The entire trip I felt as though I were amongst friends and this was quite possibly the most wonderful part.  I cannot wait to come back.”

Annemarie Whaley, Marshall TX, November 2015

“What a brilliant week!!! We have had a simply glorious time. This trip will always be one of the most memorable for us.  Food, horses, hospitality, lovely attention to detail, what a way to travel!”

Cathy & Catherine Brentzel, Washington DC, March 2015

“Thanks for a super time.  Megan leaves no stone untouched.  Hightly recommend as a  reliable guide.”

William Leahy Jnr, Co. Galway, March 2015

“At every turn was a new and exciting adventure.  The walks, the history, the hunting, the food and your company were fantastic.”

Elizabeth Pearce McKnight, Baltimore, MD, January 2015

“This was truly a vacation we will be talking about for years to come.  First class adventures all the way. The accommodation, horses, hunting and new friends made the trip so special for us.”

Mary-Holland Embree, Maryland, January 2015

“This was the most Amazing, wonderful trip!!! I can’t think of anything that you did not think of already.  The horses were great, the countryside was beautiful, the hunting was fun, but most of all, you were so welcoming and accommodating.  WE felt so at home!”

Kerri Hannum Smyth, Monkton Hall Bassets & Elkridge Harford Hunt, January 2015

“Yes we came for the foxhunting, but it turned into an adventure.  We were welcomed as friends, not just as guests.  Your choice of horses made our riding days enjoyable and fun and safe.  All of our lodging was spectacular with fantastic food.  I have been fortunate to have been on many special trips in my life but none as rewarding as this.”

Bob Smyth, Elkridge Harford Hunt, January 2015

“The horses were beautiful. I love to see them being unloaded from the lorries all plaited up. They looked spectacular. We saw some spectacular views out hunting, took some awesome pole jumps and hedges, took our first stone walls at the Mendips and in general had a jolly good time. Thank you for making it all happen!”

Vicky Mitchell, Casanova Hunt, Virginia, 2014

“I can’t think of a better way to spend two days in England than with Blackthorn & Brook! You took such good care of us both – hunting and touring. You thought of every little detail, which has unfortunately resulted in my new addiction to clotted cream and slow gin!”

Michael Gewirz, Washington DC, Virginia 2014

“We were so happy to have you both as guides and friends to make this week special. Megan, our hunts and your guidance/ friendship in the field furthered our love of foxhunting beyond expectation. Ben, you insight and perspective of the English countryside created a bond we will never forget.”

Charlie Nulsen, Blue Ridge Hunt, Virginia, 2014

“We have had such an amazing time! We came here not exactly knowing what to expect and nothing could have prepared us for the great time we had.”

Mike Valentine, Ashland, Virginia, 2014

“Truly this week for my Dad and me was magical. It would be hard for us to express all of the wonderful emotions that occurred during the week, but we have created memories for a lifetime.There was not a day that did not create a special impression. We are forever hooked on hedges, beef wellington and the Manor and Old Harry’s Rocks.”

Hailey Nulsen, Washington DC, 2014

“You thought of every little detail, which has unfortunately resulted in my new addiction to clotted cream and slow gin! The hunting was such fun – Skips was perfect and now I am dying to come back and take on the big hedges 🙂 ”

Cleo Gewirz, Blue Ridge Hunt, Virginia, 2014


“We have had a wonderful vacation! It kind of felt like coming home to arrive at The Queens Arms after have stayed there last year. They were just as hospitable as before! We felt like regulars!”

Mark Mitchell, Casanova Hunt, Virginia 2014

“I just can’t express in words how phenomenal the riding was and it will definitely make me a better rider back home. This was truly the trip of a lifetime and I will cherish these memories for ever.”

Kerri Valentine, Ashland, Virginia 2014

“I have had such an amazing time out hunting, meeting new people and exploring your beautiful country. All of the horses were amazing and took such good care of me. I also really appreciated Megan’s helpful tips out hunting.”

Margaret Luck, Richmond, Virginia, 2014 

“What can I say! What a wonderful time we have had with you both over this past week. You all have been on top of everything.”

Lisa Luck, Richmond, Virginia, 2014

“From our first conversation I knew you would take Margaret under your wing and teach her how to enjoy this fantastic sport English-style… Each day was unique: the conversation, pubs, history, food and special touches were ever present.”

Charlie Luck, Richmond, Virginia, 2014

“Thank-you for an absolutely perfect vacation. We didn’t know what to really expect but we wouldn’t have come close to imagining the exceptional time we had. The horses were a treat. They were beautifully trained and well behaved. They gave us the courage to try our first hedges. What a blast!!! You only live once and I’m truly glad we have this week to hold on to. It was the vacation of a lifetime.”

Vicky Mitchell, Virginia, 2013

“Words can’t describe what a wonderful time we had. You both went above all expectations. We have been raving about our trip!

Mark Mitchell, Virginia, 2013

“The horses may have been Irish, (and 17 hands if they were an inch), but the rest of the scene was more English than a Sunday roast. Breath-taking countryside, mossy stone farmhouses, welcoming hunt regulars, and Megan’s keen sense of the sport are just a few of a long list of reasons why my first day hunting in England will remain one of my most cherished.”

Philip Embury, Virginia, Guest 2013 – Read more about Philip’s English hunting debut here.

“Ainsley and I had such an incredibly dreamlike vacation with you both. First of all – the horses were perfect. Then, the teas, scones, champagne, the kennel-visit, the pimms, there were so many memorable moments!”

Elizabeth Storm, California, Guest 2013 

“These are memories that come back and make you smile again and again. It is especially memorable because I got to share these times with my daughter as she grows over the years.”

Georgia Claessens, California, Guest 2013 

” Thank-you for a wonderful, unforgettable few days. All your hard work is recognised and very much appreciated. Tamara is the perfect horse.”

Jane Langridge, San Diego, Guest 2013 

“When going on a riding trip, there is usually something not quite right, such as bad lodgings, naughty horses, or disappointing food. Not on this luxurious trip.  It was perfect.  Horses, pubs, country homes, fabulous food, cream teas, champagne, and beautiful English countryside – it was unforgettable!  Blackthorn and Brook, you know how to make a holiday 1st class!”

Marti Bryant, Louisiana, Guest 2013

“A holiday of a lifetime, custom designed by us and brought to life by Blackthorn & Brook.  Wonderful horses, delicious food and fabulous accommodation all arranged for us, we could have never done it without you!”

 Deb Bossier Norman, Virginia, Guest 2013 – Read Deb’s article about her B&B for Foxhunting Life here.

“I have been hunting and staying with Blackthorn & Brook for some years now and have always enjoyed brilliant hunting on a great horse, excellent company and the perfect place to stay.”

Anne McIntosh, MFH Blue Ridge Hunt

“Blackthorn & Brook really knew how to look after me – I was mounted on a cracking horse and introduced to a charming crowd – I’m looking forward to this season’s trip!”

Virginia Furness, Guest, 2011/12 Season