About Us

Ben Darlington and Megan CorpHorse TransportMegan and GoPro CameraBen on the moorsMegan Corp and MargaretMegan Corp and a bottle of PimmsBen at Portman HuntBen Darlington Range Rover
Ben, Megan and the Bus!
Pete, our star horse chauffeur!
Megan ready for long ride with the GoPro at the ready
Ben exploring the moors with Sweep the dog
Megan in the field with a young sportswoman from Richmond, VA
Megan never travels without a bottle of Pimms!
Well wrapped up at a chilly meet with the Portman Hunt
Putting on a picnic in the back of the Range Rover

About Blackthorn & Brook

Blackthorn & Brook holidays provide a singular opportunity to step straight into the heart of the English fox-hunting tradition. The outfit is run by Megan Corp and her hand-picked team. We believe in first class hospitality, impeccable service and sharing the great British countryside.

About Megan

The daughter of a Mendip landowner, Megan Corp has been an established figure in the South-West hunting scene since her ‘Thelwell’ years. She has her hunt buttons from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale and is an accomplished horsewoman. Further to riding for Trinity College Dublin during her University years, she has hunted on both sides of the Atlantic, galloped for a racing yard and worked as head girl for the French show jumper Pierre-Marie Dubois. She has a claim to fame as equestrian stunt double to Eva Green. Megan’s family farm milks over 400 cows in Somerset, where the Corp family has been farming for some 200 years. She has a degree in French and Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin.