Foxhunting Holidays

Hunting Vacation with the Blackmore ValeFall riding vacation EnglandDebut to English HuntingFoxhunting Weekend in EnglandA foxhunting holiday in England
A Ball with the Blackmore Vale
The Fall Flyer
An English Hunting Debut
The Evergreen Express
A Hard Hunting Holiday

Join us for an unforgettable foxhunting holiday in England.

Whether you enjoy a thrilling chase across challenging country or watching hounds working in stunning surroundings, allow us to put you together an exciting itinerary of foxhunting, social engagements and sporting outings in this exquisite corner of England.

Our mission statement is to take care of you from start to finish. The top priority being of course, matching you to the right horse each time we ride or hunt.

Expect to relax out of the saddle too –  from comfortable lodgings and airport transfer to the port in your flask for the day, let us take care of making  your dream hunting holiday a reality.

Included as standard in every trip is:

  • Range Rover & Driver
  • Handpicked horses, hunting caps & logistics
  • Airport Transfer
  • Exciting days out when you’re not riding
  • Food, drink & hostelry throughout the week
  • Kit Valet for muddy boots and coats etc.
  • A portfolio of photographs

We have some example itineraries to give you a taste of our different trips. You can find out more about the ingredients we use to make our holidays special via the menu located on the right-hand side.

Example Itineraries:

A Ball with the Blackmore Vale

A Hard-Hunting Holiday

The Evergreen Express

The Fall Flyer

An English Foxhunting Debut