Hunting in the UK – FAQs

Lots of people are aware of the controversy around foxhunting and the 2004 Hunting Act.

What perhaps isn’t so evident is how British hunts have adapted to life under the ban; why people can continue to enjoy hunting in England and why the UK is still the best destination for foxhunting.


Does foxhunting still really happen in the UK?

Yes, yes and yes!  Most of Britain’s hunts continue to operate under the ban, and in terms of the day out on horseback we all enjoy, it is pretty much business as usual.

Hunts have worked hard to adapt to hunting under the ban and continue to provide a fabulous day out for all.

Are hunts well supported?

Yes. In fact, hunt subscription numbers have been up year on year since 2004.

How has hunting changed since the ban?

In many ways the post-ban hunt is a more welcoming place and far more fun for visitors, new-comers and children.

Is there still a lot of trouble with ‘antis’ and hunt saboteurs?

Post-ban hunting is a much less confrontational pursuit than it once was. Yes, many hunts continue to be observed by hunt monitors, but there isn’t the antagonism with antis these days.