The Evergreen Express

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Spend the first day of your stay getting comfortable on a long ride
Nothing like a day in the saddle to get an appetite up!
Hunt on Saturday with one of our prestigious local packs
Our favourite packs include the Portman Hounds and Blackmore & Sparkford Vale
Three characters from the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale pack
Always a picture: hunting in the Dorset hills
Book in at Babington for a relaxing Sunday!
Let us arrange a jolly sporting supper for you with new friends

A Weekend Get-Away

This is a horseback weekend inspired by Surtees’ description of Lord Evergreen, who delighted in a day’s hunting as an escape from his duties in cabinet and office.

‘He seeks relaxation from the toils of office by a run down into his native country. Last night’s mail train brought him down, tomorrow night’s train takes him up’.

If you are in London for business or perhaps for pleasure, take a break from a busy schedule for an express fox-hunting vacation with Blackthorn & Brook.

We meet you at your hotel or conference centre in the capital and whisk you back to a sumptuous country house where you can wine, dine and recline in style.

The following morning take to the saddle for a day’s hunting with one of our excellent local packs. We look after every aspect of your day from hand-picking a horse to arranging transport. We’ll even find you a pair of boots and a flask if you want to travel light!

You can expect a companionable hunting supper party after your day’s sport. We like nothing more than getting a group of like-minded friends together to relive the thrills and spills of the day.

Finally, after a hearty breakfast and a stroll in the country you’ll be returned to London to pick up your busy business or travel schedule just where you left off.

The Evergreen Express includes:

  • 2 nights in luxury accommodation
  • A days’ hunting all organised, including your hireling, transport logistics, and kit if needed
  • Transfer from and return to your hotel, conference centre or airport of choice
  • Your victuals and drink

Prices depend on where you stay, but start from £2000. Get in touch today to talk about your trip.

Join Lord Evergreen this winter and leave behind ‘the unsporting, unceremonious cerements of brick and mortar for the broad open enjoyment of unrestricted, unadulterated country…’

Click here to download the full itinerary.