A Hard-Hunting Holiday

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Tackle Dorset's famous hedge country
Dorset & Somerset are home to some of England's most prestigious packs
Choose matchless luxury with a stay at Babington House
Turn-out is a top priority - Megan here getting ready for hunting
One of our excellent local pubs - a cosy, authentic place to stay
Relax in style!

The only vacation for the serious Sportsman

A more informal affair than our Ball with the Blackmore Vale ‘a Hard Hunting Holiday’ is the answer for any serious fox-hunter seeking a taste of authentic sport in England. A sporting tour worthy of any hard-riding, flask-swigging, hedge-hopping hunter worth their buttons, and one to provide an unforgettable vacation in England.


Luxurious yet casual, this vacation is perfect for the serious hunting enthusiast. Over eight days you will get to know three of the West Country’s most prominent packs: the Portman, the Mendip Farmer’s Hunt and the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale.  From craggy, stonewalled hill to rolling grassland vale, this country provides your chance to steep yourself in the varied hunting culture of the South-West.

The recipe is simple: come to watch hounds, make new friends and cross some stunning countryside. Simplicity, however, does not mean slumming it. You can expect superb lodging in our 5-star inn of choice, delicious and varied meals throughout your stay and plenty of ideas of what to do on non-hunting days.

As ever you can expect all the hallmarks of a Blackthorn & Brook holiday: in addition  private airport transfer, kit valet, and a portfolio of professional photographs to take home and show your friends are included.

Cost per person starts at £8,400. 

Click here to download the full itinerary.