Out for the summer

Important as it is that our young horses be fit and ready for the hunting season, we all need a break from time to time.

Wilf has been progressing nicely over the spring months and we now feel that he has had a taste of most of the questions we will be asking him, and has responded positively.  He has learnt to open gates; jump rails, hedges and ditches; cross rivers and has even enjoyed a short trip in the horsebox for a ride around the Stourhead Estate.  At each of these steps, he has seemed to become more confident and less inclined to ‘freeze’ when faced with something new.

Therefore, before we face him with the next stage of his hunting formation, it will do him and schoolmaster Corby (who at six years old has had a busy season ‘cutting the mustard’) both good to have a rest.  A couple of months with their shoes off, filling their bellies with grass with the sun on their backs* is just what our young horses need before the slow and steady process of getting them fit for cub hunting begins.

I think they looked very well, and pleased to see me this morning – they’ve certainly got plenty of grass!

*Fingers crossed, this is England, after all…

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