Hedge Jumping with the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale

We recently decided that a helmet camera would be a great addition to our equipment. The sight of huntsman and hounds is always picturesque and a light-weight camera would give us a great way to share the excitement of the field and some of the extraordinary views of the countryside that one only gets a glimpse of when following hounds.

It just so happened that a day or two after our GoPro camera arrived, the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt had a Saturday meet in the vale country with lots of meaty hedges! Megan bit the bullet, faced some inquisitive looks and questions at the meet and took on the country in fine style!

Here’s the finished video, hedge jumping and all!

This is our first attempt at both shooting and editing a film and we can see there is some room for improvement. Nonetheless we’re really excited about getting out and capturing more footage of the countryside and our riding adventures.

In fact, we’re already working on our second video. Last week we had three guests from Richmond, Virginia join us for their first foxhunting experience in England. Watch this space for footage from their trip!




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