A surprise hunting holiday

Surprise Hunting Holiday

15 August was a really exciting day for us. Partly because we were mid-way through running a holiday and spending a sunny horseback day in the Dorset hills, principally because we knew that miles away in New York, someone was about to get a really nice surprise.

The story of this surprise starts some months earlier this summer when a gentleman got in touch with some thoughts on a hunting holiday for his daughter to celebrate her graduation. Now the current climate makes leading people through JFK international airport in blindfolds a bit tricky, so we were presented with the challenge of how the trip might be unveiled with some degree of fanfare.

The solution was to send a parcel of clues that opened in order would reveal the surprise, a parcel be opened on 15 August – the lucky girl’s birthday!

We worked with her Dad to find a selection of really special gifts that would all relate in some way to a trip to England, horses or the world of foxhunting. We were so delighted with the result we thought we’d put some photos up to show you:

Foxhunting Gifts

As you can see each present is wrapped individually and numbered. We thought quite hard about the order the gifts should be discovered so that the surprise wouldn’t be given away too quickly! The tags took ages!!!

Blackthorn & Brook Mug

One of the gifts we were most chuffed with was this beautiful Blackthorn & Brook mug. Among the other pressies was a smart cotton stock and pin from our friends at The Hunting Stock Market, a fine folio edition of Sassoon’s ‘Memoirs of a Foxhunting Man’, Fortnum’s English Hunting Biscuits and union jack bunting. The framed print is Lucy Glitters showing the chaps over a tricky place!

Blackthorn & Brook gifts

Stand by for some photos of our lucky guest opening the parcel!!

All in all we thought this was a fantastic way of getting excited about an upcoming holiday and a wonderful way to treat someone to a trip of a lifetime. I think it has potential for all sorts of high-days and holidays – from wedding presents to anniversaries, birthdays to valentines! Let us know if you’d like to give someone a hunting holiday surprise!

Blackthorn and Brook foxhunting gifts

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