10 Inspired Things to do with a Red Telephone Box

Walking through our village this week I noticed that our iconic red telephone box is enjoying a fresh coat of paint and a new vocation. The old phone is long gone to make way for a tiny village library.

Given the threat that these historic red landmarks must be facing from the ubiquity of the mobile phone, it’s exciting to see that people are finding inspired ways to keep the telephone box at the centre of village life. Here are my top-ten ideas for recycling a red telephone box:

1: A Village Library




2: A Local Tourism Office

tourist office phone box

3: A Sofa!

telephone box sofa

4: An Art Gallery

Smallest Art Gallery

5:  A Smokery (thanks Jamie Oliver!)

Smokery Telephone box

6: A First Aid station with defibrillator


7: A Cash Machine


8:  A Loo!


9: An Art Installation:

art_installation10: A Shower Cubicle


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